Love an #indieauthor? Write a review! PLEASE!

People have asked me along this journey to self-publish what is the best thing they can do to help me out.

Of course, the most obvious answer is to BUY MY BOOK. Duh.

But, there's something else you can do if you really want to support self-published authors. And it's so simple.

Just write a review of their books!

Reviews help readers discover new books and new authors to love. What's more, YOUR positive reviews help indie authors like myself to counteract any "troll" reviews that might be out there from people who just want to stir up shit on the Internet.

You can post reviews anywhere you want on social media, of course...using Goodreads, or even Facebook or Twitter (with a link to the book you liked) is super helpful!

But the easiest place is probably Amazon, because you most likely already have an account there if you've ever used Amazon in your life. It's just a few clicks on the book of your choice and you can write a review.

Your review doesn't have to be long. It doesn't even have to be that well-written. And it certainly doesn't have to give a synopsis of the book itself. You can just say how you felt reading the book and why others should read it. Imagine you're telling your best friend or your mom to read it and go from there.

One thing to note about the "stars" aspect of Amazon reviews. Amazon evidently considers anything BELOW four stars to be a "negative" review. I learned this recently when a reader who won a free copy of my novella posted her review and it showed up in the "negative" column although she gave it three stars (which I would consider a neutral, not a negative review!)

So...if you love a book, give it FIVE STARS! And just add a few sentences about why you feel that way. 

Please do it. It really, really, helps. 

Now, get to clicking!

- Elisabeth