The Merits of the #Author #Takeover Party on Facebook #indieauthor #amwriting

Let's discuss one aspect of social media book marketing that I both LOVE and DESPISE at the same time.

The Facebook Takeover Party.

A takeover involves an author booking a time slot on a Facebook page -- usually of a blogger in their genre -- and posting several posts during that time slot about their latest book, along with games and other contests with prizes for readers to win by commenting, sharing posts, etc. 

There are many good things about these parties.

1. Takeovers are great for new authors. 

To my novice eye, these events appear to be a perfect way to interact with actual readers who want to read dirty books -- as opposed to, say, Twitter where the only people interacting seem to be other authors. Not only can you find readers at these events, but you get to TALK to them.

2. When partnered with the right blog, you don't have to do a ton of work.

Popular blogs seem to have really well attended parties. And if a Facebook takeover is well-attended, it's great! Just write a script out for yourself, paste some graphics and you're good to go. In exchange, you get tons of new people seeing your teasers, etc. Also, you usually only have to offer free copies of your ebook or an Amazon gift card to get some level of participation. And like I said before, talking to readers is super fun when they have just as dirty of a mind as I do. 

3. It's a great chance to interact with other authors. 

If you do a group event, you can really help each other out by bringing YOUR readers to another author's audience and vice versa.


Here's why I kind of hate Facebook takeovers. 

1. The readers don't seem to claim their prizes! 

I have hosted a bunch of takeovers so far, and half of the time, the readers who win don't actually ever contact me for a prize!

2. I can't tell if I'm actually selling any books. 

If you're giving away free copies of your ebook, it's not very likely the readers will BUY your book -- because they are hoping they will win one, instead. But if you don't give out free books, what do you give as a prize that doesn't end up costing you, the author, an arm and a leg? Even a $5 Amazon gift card prize gets steep if you host enough parties.

3. It's hard to get people to ATTEND the events even if they say they are going to do so. 

Most of my parties have been attended by the same 10 fans over and over. That makes it hard to give out prizes because these readers have already won things from me. Sending out reminders helps, but the fact Facebook allows you to invite HUNDREDS of people to an event actually deters people from attending them. 

Despite all of these problems, I'm still chugging along and hosting parties! In fact, if you are an author and want to join me at an upcoming party for a slot to pimp your book, go here and message me and let me know.

I'll be on Tall, Dom and Dirty on Feb. 5Love, Lust and Erotic Pleasures on Feb. 15, and 24 Hours of Kink Feb. 20.

Join me! :)