It's RELEASE DAY! Reviews of Invisible Ink #indieauthor #erotic #romance

A rockstar romance that will shatter all of your expectations … a story like no other. Yowza! I read this and it blew my mind." - Author Dakota Skye

"Holy hotness! This book was sexy as hell and so different from the start! I see amazing things for this author!" - Kristie, Redheads Reading

“(Jake and Lex) were obsessed, addicted to each other and, damn, I was addicted to them!” - Tammi, Author Groupies

“I couldn’t put the book down unless forced to do so,” 
Sassy Vixen Reviews

“A very hot read…I laughed out loud,”
- Mindy, Hines and Bigham’s Literary Tryst 

“Elisabeth Joye writes this in the moment, limited background and side characters… It is well written." 
Melissa, Rebel and Angel’s Book Reviews and Promotions

“Not the typical romance…Gripping and racy.  This is one of those few books I read in a single setting.  I wanted to know what happened to Jake and Lex…If you want it hard and fast—and rough—then this is absolutely the book for you.”
- Sarah, Smut and Bonbons

“I got lost in Lexi and Jake. Their obsession and need pulled me in…Wow, this book will draw you in and rattle your perceptions…The story is sexy, dark and consuming. 4 1/2 Stars."
- Peggy, Reading Keeps Me Sane Book Blog

"It’s one of the most erotic books I’ve read in a while...Brilliant, believable portrayal of Lex’s erotic obsession. Invisible Ink excels in its portrayal of a woman under the hypnotic influence of desire." 
Author Lisbeth Sarai

"How do you go on with your life when someone else has invaded EVERY cell of your body and soul but something happens and makes your world come crashing down? This book is an amazingly hot steamy sexy story. I look forward to more from Elisabeth Joye."
- Lori, Hopelessly Hooked on Books

Jake is "HOT (Jared Leto-HOT) and he has this way of making Lex (and the reader) melt...You understand why she keeps going back. Keep some extra panties handy. 4 Stars."
- Nicole, Books ‘N’ Pearls

"I think Lex is just as shocked as I was at how willingly she gives herself to Jake...This is a really sexy novella about obsession and desire."
- Jo, Reading is My Bliss Blog