Turning #EroticRomance on its Head with A Woman Obsessed #amwriting #indieauthor

I am in the process of pitching my novella to romance bloggers in an effort to get some promotion around my release date and some reviews for my book.

One of the bloggers wrote me a nice note today that got me thinking -- she didn't love the book...and a lot of her reasons were the very reasons I love the book, and why I wrote it the way that I did.

The characters in Invisible Ink are not traditional for the genre of erotic romance. Why do I say that? Because in a lot of the most popular erotic romance (think Fifty Shades of Grey), the male hero is beyond obsessed with the heroine. His love for her manifests itself in a need to be with her every second, call her constantly to know her every move and control a lot of her actions. These male characters are sometimes almost stalker-like in their behaviors and that makes a LOT of readers swoon. Ladies love to be wanted and to be chased.

In my novella, the tables are turned on this obsession. Lex is the one obsessed with Jake. She doesn't stalk him -- and it's not like he's completely uninterested in her -- but she's the one deeply overcome with a need to be with him every second.

I can see that this dynamic might be off-putting to some readers. But for me, this obsession is what makes Lex's relationship with Jake so hot. The readers is put into the shoes of a woman that wants a man so badly she'd do anything for him and disregard common sense and other priorities in her life in order to be with him.

Also, I am left asking myself what's the main reason women read erotic romance? I wrote this novella because it was a turn on. If the scenes didn't make me want to get off, I cut them from the book. So...that means there's a lot of sex in the story, and some might say, not a ton of character development. But...isn't the sex what we read these books for? And if the sex is hot, did I do my job as a writer?

I would like to think so. But I guess you'll have to wait until Dec. 31 to know for sure.

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