Writing about #sex when you're not getting any...#erotic #inspiration #amwriting #writersblock

I'm gonna level with you.

My personal life isn't really full of romance and sex right now. 

I'm married and I have a four-year-old son. My husband has been working nights this semester. I end most of my days exhausted, plus I have had bronchitis for a MONTH. No one wants to touch me right now.

I really want in my heart to start writing a sequel to Invisible Ink. I've even brainstormed some ideas with a friend and come up with a tentative title! But...writing hot sex like I did for Invisible Ink requires me to take my mind to a very sexy place.

And right now, I'm just not feeling it. 

Previously, I have used my own fantasies for inspiration. I would think about situations that I've always fantasized about, or guys that I find hot (celebs) and my brain would go to that place. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't a CHALLENGE. I would walk around with those ideas in my head for a few days and finally feel they were solid enough to write them down. The rest of the plot of the story of Jake and Lex fell into place around those sex scenes.

Right now, getting into that sexy mindset seems literally impossible.

How do I find my muse when I'm hacking up a lung every night? When I can't bring myself to scroll through hot pictures even because I'm just so not in the mood?

I guess that novel is just gonna have to wait until I get hard up enough. :)