Whining kids and #indieauthor duties don't mix! HELP! #writetip #SAHM

I feel like I'm about to lose my mind.

 Me every day.

Me every day.

I need to rant a little bit about how difficult it has been to focus on marketing my new erotic romance novella at the same time as being a stay-at-home mom and wife.

I am the mother of a wonderfully fun and frustrating four-year-old boy. My husband works in academia and is often working from home or around at weird hours of the day. Before I started writing what would eventually become Invisible Ink, I spent my son's nap time surfing social media and running a mom's playgroup.

Then nap time became writing time.

Still, the book took me more than two years to put out to the general public. I took my time with it, often shelving it when I needed to because my personal life didn't allow me the time I needed. I worked hard getting it EXACTLY where I thought it needed to be and then I slowly but surely launched a blog, did some social media bit by bit, networking with other authors with the help of my wonderful editor Amber Lea Easton.

But now the book is for sale. And now that it seems I don't have the luxury of time.

As anyone that works in the ebook romance world will tell you, you're only as good as your work in progress. Readers want authors who can churn out their smut at a record pace, and you need to put out several books a year to make any real money. 

I want Invisible Ink to be successful. I want it to reach readers. In order to do that, I have to blog, I have to post on social media like Facebook and Twitter, I have to interact with other authors and readers ON A DAILY BASIS.

Plus, I have to start writing another book.

The issue? My son no longer naps. He's in preschool for eight hours a week. EIGHT HOURS A WEEK IS NOT ENOUGH TIME to do all the tasks listed above. My husband is understanding and wants to help but he really can't. Plus, my novels aren't his priority for various reasons I won't go into. And certainly my son could care less about what I'm doing on my laptop. He just wants to know when I'm going to get him another snack or take him to a friend's house.

When I got started in this, two years ago, I never planned on writing another book or becoming a "romance novelist" as an actual career. And maybe I still don't?

But while I'm in limbo, I have a book to sell. And no time to do it. 


- Elisabeth