Finding #erotic inspiration #amwriting


Invisible Ink is finally published and has been selling for a few weeks.

The question is...what am I going to do now?

When I decided to publish the novella, I told myself and everyone around me it was probably a "one time thing." I had an idea, I wrote it, published it, and now I can move on and do something else. It was my erotic To Kill a Mockingbird. But then even Harper Lee ended up writing a second novel, so...

Do I write another book? If I do, can I write it immediately? 

I would probably like to write another story -- a full length novel, most likely.

However, I have to find the right inspiration. How do I go about doing that? I lived on this earth for 33 years before I got the inspiration needed to create Invisible Ink, which if you know me, you know started as just a fan fiction blog on Tumblr. Humble beginnings, but they came from a pure place of true inspiration and desire. It took me two years to write it and get it out to the world.

Now that that story is out of my system, where do I go from here?

The easiest answer is to continue the story of Jake and Lex started in Invisible Ink. When I wrote the book, I swore it would be a standalone story. Is there anything more I want to say with these characters? Is there anything more they have to accomplish in their relationship? I was very happy with the ending of my book and I don't want to compromise it with a crappy sequel (I'm looking at you, Ghostbusters 2).

I have been told many people who write erotica write from their own lives and memories. After all, everyone says you should write what you know! My husband would never go for the idea of writing something so personal, however. Plus, I think erotic writing should contain fantasy.

Recently, I have had some things happening around me that have given me ideas...but they are all much darker than I would ever use as a basis for erotic romance. Hearts broken, domestic violence (not me), confusing interactions with narcissistic men...none of this is really inspiring me. do I find inspiration?

To the search,