How Are Sales? and the ADULT Dungeon #amwriting #indieauthor #MondayBlogs

Since I published my novella, the number one thing people ask me is:

"How are sales going?"

I wasn't really prepared for this question and I had no idea how to anticipate how my sales would go. I don't even really know what qualifies as "good sales numbers."

However, I do know one thing that is definitely negatively impacting my sales so far.

I'm in the DREADED ADULT DUNGEON of Amazon. According to rumors, Amazon did a purge of a bunch of titles on Jan. 1, 2016 and relegated books to their "ADULT" category. 

Unfortunately, my debut erotic romance novella, Invisible Ink, was one of the books that apparently fell victim to this purge.

If you want to know if you're in the dungeon too, go to and see if you get the ADULT in red next to your title.

If you aren't familiar with the ADULT dungeon, here's what it means.

It means my book will no longer appear if a user does a general search for "Invisible Ink" on Amazon. It also seems as if my author profile is possibly being hidden, too. The book cannot come up in a search or in the "suggested reads" for users who might purchase something similar to Invisible Ink.

According to other authors, this can make my sales plummet to zero. And basically, they have.

The real problem is it's impossible to know WHY Amazon deemed the book as "ADULT." It could be because I classified it as "Romance" and not "Erotica" when I listed it for sale. While I believe it is erotic romance, it's possible a reader who downloaded it thought it was "erotica" and then reported that to Amazon (where there is no category for "erotic romance," but there IS a category for "romantic erotica").

It's also possible it was the book cover, which showed a bit of a nipple if you were looking VERY VERY closely. 

I wrote to Amazon to inquire, but the problem is they don't give authors any real guidance about this from what I've learned by talking to other authors.

In the meantime, I've changed the book cover to remove the nipple, thanks to the awesome Amber Easton. I have also reclassified the book as "erotica" and emailed Amazon to remove the book.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that this will get me out of the dungeon -- because right now, I'm lucky to sell one book a day.