NEW RELEASE Don't put my #erotic #romance in a box

My debut novella, Invisible Ink, comes out in a few days and I have been working overtime to send advance copies to bloggers to review it.

Much of the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive and for that I am SO SO grateful.

Of course, there have also been some poor reactions to the book, as there is with ANY creative work. Some people "get it," others don't.

But I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge some of these criticisms and explain why Invisible Ink is a little different than some readers were expecting.

Too Much Hot Sex

Some have said that because of it's length, this little novella (36,000 words) is more erotica than erotic romance. That is a valid critique. But are you really complaining there's too much sex in this book? To be fair, I disagree it is erotica because I do not use all the graphic language that erotic contains and do not ever discuss bodily fluids -- or anything else -- in the graphic detail you would expect in pornography.

The Heroine Isn't Strong Enough

Lex isn't the typical romance heroine. She doesn't try beyond measure to "hate" or resist Jake, the man that wants her. She doesn't ever play hard to get. Instead, she gives in, even when she knows in her heart she shouldn't, just because she's that attracted to him. 

We Don't Know A Lot About Lex

This is a critique I'd like to argue with a bit. I wrote Lex the way that I did because I thought about what I love about erotic novels. I love tension, I love sex, I love being turned on...and I love dialogue. I don't care much about a heroine's BFFs, her daily activities. I want to know about her relationship with the hero, and that's about it. 

I wanted the reader to feel as if she IS Lex

I read these books to get turned on. So I wrote Lex from that point of view. I wanted to show her, in the moment, turned on and alive. I wanted to put the reader in her shoes by not giving a TON of background information about her. I wanted the reader to feel as if she IS Lex and she's the one going at it with Jake Reed.

Also, this is a novella, not a novel, and I wanted as much hot sex in there as possible because that's what I want to read!

Jake Doesn't Grovel

Jake isn't the perfect guy. He's narcissistic, he's controlling of everyone around him, he knows he's gorgeous and he has no problem using that to his advantage. These qualities make him who he is -- a rock star and and actor who is used to getting what he wants. Lex becomes intoxicated by and addicted to him and his glamorous world. In turn, he provides her with the kind of sex she has never found anywhere else. They are connected by sex and their connection is undeniable. Jake may not always treat Lex well, but he never promised her that.

In the end, she gets what she wants and knows exactly who Jake is, and who he isn't. He doesn't undergo a personality transformation, he doesn't beg, he doesn't weep. I wanted the story to be as realistic as possible, and Jake is a famous guy. He's not going to beg and grovel. Does any man actually do this? And if they do, is that still a man you want to fuck you hard?

Invisible Ink doesn't fit neatly into the romance box.

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