Calling all #indieauthors of romance! Help Me & Help YOU! #bookmarketing #promotion

I'm following the lead and example of some other authors I admire and trying some new marketing and networking strategies for my novella, Invisible Ink.

First, I started a mailing list at I'm not 100 percent sure what I'm going to do with that yet, but at least I have set it up. LOL.

Plus, I'm running my first Facebook ad, which should be interesting to see how that turns out. It costs $5 a day and I'm doing it for seven days. I'll report back and tell you if it actually created any sales.

I've also created a FB group to build a "street team" of my fans that would help me share things on social media when I put out the next book :

That said, if you're a fellow author, I still need YOUR HELP with TWO THINGS!

1. Support for my Thunderclap campaign

If you go to, you can sign up easily to support me on Facebook and Twitter through a ONE TIME POST that will be scheduled at a specific time and will showcase Invisible Ink. I need 75 more people to support the campaign before it will be able to be launched, so please help!

2. Sign up to be featured on my blog! 

Here's the part that's ALL FOR YOU. I am looking for others in the erotica/erotic romance/contemporary romance genre to with new releases coming out to be featured on this blog!

You can sign up here:

I'm calling it Fiery Fridays. What do you think?

Sign up now!

- Elisabeth