Lucky One Part 4 #flashfiction #flashfriday #shortstory #eroticromance #lucky1

"Come with me, just for a minute," he asked, looking at his phone again and then at me. He got up and pulled out my chair, putting his hand on my back.

"Um…Why do you want me to come with you?" I couldn’t help but ask him because this was just too strange.

"Because you’re bored," he said matter-of-factly, looking me in the eye, too close. "And sometimes when I see something that I like, I want to put it in my pocket and save it for later."

I couldn’t really say no to that. I let him lead me out of the room while the other girls just gawked at what was happening.

He took me to some kind of after party upstairs in the hotel. Lots of hipster rich people trying hard to look like they didn’t give a shit. At some point as we walked, he asked me my name and where I was from, and I could barely remember the answers.

All I could think about was how perfect his skin looked and the way he moved his mouth when he talked. It was like being in close proximity to the sun. Blinding. I don’t know what the hell I was doing or saying.

I thought for a second about my husband, who was working a night shift at the restaurant like always, but I pushed those thoughts away.

Once we got inside the party, he gestured to me to wait and I didn’t see him again for what felt like an hour. A girl did come over to me and ask me if I was there with him.

"Um…I guess. I don’t know. Sure," I said. "But I don’t even know him."

"Oh, that’s too bad, he’s amazing," was her response. "I like your dress, though."

Soon some other women were there, too, and I was forcing myself to talk. Eons passed until I managed to spot him in the crowd and we locked eyes.

He gave me a look like “oh yeah, I remember you,” and I looked back pleadingly.

Then I rolled my eyes and mined with my hands that these girls were talking too much, mimicking his actions from earlier.

He threw his head back and laughed, tucking his hair behind his ears at the same time.

Then he finally found a way to get back over to me.

"Okay, that was long enough, I think I can go now without anyone being pissed off tomorrow." He grabbed my arm and I had no idea what was going to happen next.