Lucky One Part 3 #flashfiction #flashfriday #shortstory #eroticromance #lucky1

Somehow, after sending over a bottle of Vodka — yes, they asked him to send over Vodka of all things, my eyes couldn’t stop rolling — instead of leaving us for bigger and better things, he decided to hang around our table and watch everyone do a shot. I got the feeling he was just killing time because he kept looking down at his phone.

I thought he was going to leave and I was going to escape this surreal encounter unscathed but then he sat down across from me in my silent little corner of the table.

He leaned back with his arms folded across his chest, and I saw a flash of black nail polish on his long fingers. He was just staring at me and I couldn’t look back. I laughed and looked down.

Then he cleared his throat and leaned forward across the table, inviting me with his eyes to do the same. His soft waves and five o’clock shadow on touched my cheek as he whispered in my ear.

"This group of girls doesn’t suit you," he said, slowly, drawing out each word.

I laughed. Maybe he knew I wasn’t into it because my shot remained unconsumed in front of me.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I asked him.

"Think about it." Then he pulled back and held my gaze for a second before he rolled his eyes and made a motion with his hand to mimic that he thought the girls were talking too much.

I laughed and then he winked.

That was the moment I realized he wanted to fuck me.

I wasn’t really sure how this experience was even happening, but the way it felt to look into his eyes told me I’d already missed my chance to stop it. My whole body felt hot and my palms were sweating. This wasn’t going to end well.

I hid my left hand under the table and slid my ring off. Then I took the shot.