Sexy men who have inspired me to get dirty #eroticromance #author #mondayblogs

Confession time.

I have always had celebrity crushes, or "muses," to inspire me. Even in sixth grade, I was writing love stories where my main character just happened to fall for a boy who looked like the famous guy I happened to be swooning over at the time.

To honor that side of myself, I want to celebrate my celebrity crushes throughout the years. Behold, those hotties I have romanced in my head from age 12 to the present.

1. Paul.

My celebrity love affair that started it all was Paul McCartney. I know, he's old and gross. But, ladies, imagine you had a time machine and you could go back to, say, 1968. In those days, Paul had it all - beautiful voice, amazing musical talent and those perfect puppy dog eyes every girl around the world died for. Later, I realized Paul was most likely a complete asshole back then, but oh well. He was still hot and he owned heart.





2. Bowie

Did you come of age in the 1980s like I did? How could you NOT have fallen in love with David Bowie in Labyrinth? "Take me now Goblin King, I will be your slave." Right? Bowie had everything I could ever want. He's odd, he's comfortable with his feminine side, he has a striking face. Plus, everyone knows he supposedly doesn't stuff his pants, if you know what I mean. AND HE CAN SIIIIINNNNNNG, girls.

(Please note, both of the above-mentioned men also have super sexy British accents)


3. Adam Lambert

Right now, you're thinking, okay, Elisabeth, you clearly have a thing for gay (or nearly gay) dudes. What is up with you? Well, let me tell you, I have no shame, I love me some androgyny. And great singing voices.

To my critics, I give you:

Exhibit A. Adam Lambert without makeup. THOSE EYES COULD MURDER YOUR SOULS.

Exhibit B. Adam in Details magazine. ENOUGH SAID. 

That brings us to the celebrity crush to end all celebrity crushes. He's the reason I have a pen name so he can't track me down and sue me for using him as my inspiration. Is it illegal for me to give him my soul?

4. Jared Leto

I have a file on my computer full of photos of Jared. It's called "Jared porn," because...of course it is. The man is basically walking around creating porn everywhere he goes because he is just that damn sexy. He gets a coffee, it's porn. He eats a sandwich - porn. He touches his hair...again, porn. He can dye his hair pink, wear a mohawk and dress like a blind homeless man. He's still sex on a stick.

At one point, when I was writing Invisible Ink, I was definitely in too deep with my Jared Leto obsession. But I put it to what I believe is good use by creating my novella. Something born of my weird insanity now for others to enjoy. 

So why is Jared the hottest guy ever? You might have heard he's a jerk or all he does is fuck models, but you know what, WHO CARES?! He's so beautiful. All you have to do is have eyes to recognize that. Plus, he's smart and...did I mention he's beautiful? He is a combination of good looks, weirdness, androgyny, gay rumors, all of it does it for me. And now, just a few samples from my Jared porn collection.

Jordan Catalano forever.

Now your turn. Who inspires you to get dirty?